Monday, February 8, 2010

The Stereotypical Sportscenter Top-10

If you watch Sportscenter as much as I do, you are well aware that the Top-10 is basically the same types of plays with different people doing them. That being said, here is a list of plays that depending on the season, you will see almost guaranteed.

Any Soccer Goal- There are some goals that you see that are truly awesome, but 90 percent of the time, it isn’t. Yet for some reason there is a soccer goal in the list every day. Do they just select a random goal? What makes it funny is if Josh Elliott is hosting because he truly thinks that every soccer goal is the most amazing thing ever. He won’t even give good analysis, just a series of grunts and sighs.

Diving Catch in Baseball- During baseball season, these consume seven or eight spots in the Top-10. That should tell you something right there…it happens seven or eight times a night. Times when the guy is like fully horizontal to the ground are awesome, I’ll give you that, but when the guy slides on his ass as he is catching it, that isn’t hard. Hell, Manny Ramirez has done that. If Manny Ramirez has the ability to do something, it shouldn’t qualify to be in the Top-10 because it isn’t hard.

Buzzer Beating Shots- A shot at the buzzer of the first quarter isn’t a high light, even if it is from half court. I’m sorry. Guys are big enough to where it isn’t even that hard to do anymore. I know you have see Dwight Howard shoot from the other sideline. If it is to win the game, then it is deserving. Other than that, just keep it in the highlight of the game.

Anything Done By LeBron- I think I have seen LeBron tying his shoes in the Top-10 before. Whether it is one of those blocks against the backboard that he does like twice a game, a completely regular dunk, or a pregame prank, LeBron has ESPN totally on his nuts. Any Top-10 is sure to have at least two LeBron plays in it…sometimes even on his day off.

Records- Last time I checked, scoring 50 points in a game, or winning 20 games in a row, doesn’t qualify at a “play,” so why is it in the Top-10? Chances are good that if the record or performance was really that spectacular, half of the episode was focusing on it. Remember Kobe’s 81 point performance a few years ago? They actually showed every shot he made in the game. Then his entire performance was the number one play of the night? No, that shouldn’t be how it works.

Any Football Play- Most of the football plays are warranted because all football games either happen on the same day. On any given Sunday during the football season, 26 teams are playing, which makes for a lot of plays to select from. It is true that it suffers from the same problem baseball does with the diving catches, but football is cooler than baseball.

Saves From a Goalie in Hockey- These are actually legit. My issue is that they aren’t consistent. I have watched some hockey games where a goalie made one of the most amazing plays I have ever seen and he doesn’t even get a shout out.

Well, I think that just about covers it. Occasionally, the Top-10 features ridiculous things like a squirrel waterskiing or guys rolling down a giant hill, but I’m not going to talk crap about them because those make my day.

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