Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gil, This is Going To Hurt Me

I spent literally all week avoiding this blog because how much it was going to pain me. The first couple of days this week were spent defending him to the death. I was convinced everyone was out to get "us" and felt that every attack on Gil was somehow on me too. Now, a week later, I have been able to put my emotions to the side, and hopefully I am able to write a coherent blog.

What actually happened between Arenas and Javaris Crittenton is anyone’s guess. I think when it is all said and done, we are going to find out that things were blown a little out of proportion. However the way Gil acted after the issue is the reason that I am taking issue.

Personally, I thought some of what he said was funny, but let’s chalk that up to me being immature like him. He needs to understand that our society does not take that kind of thing lightly. While there are a group of people like me who will get a chuckle, the way 95% of America feels about it should be a reason not to goof around. The irony of the situation is that his candidness and immaturity will be the reason we loved him AND the reason most people will try to turn him into an outcast

The stunt against Philadelphia was the thing that was over the top and the point I stopped defending him. Just hours after being interviewed about the incident by the police, Gil thought it would be funny to pretend his hands were guns and pretend to be shooting his teammates. That’s where things went from being provocative humor, to just childish inappropriateness. All week people talked about how much he was on thin ice and Gil had to know how close he was to overstepping the boundry between goofball and disgrace to the league

If it turns out that I am correct, and the actual gun incident wasn’t as big as initially thought, you suspend him for 20 games and let him return; if it was more serious, the season. Say what you will about this incident, everyone knows that Arenas has a good heart. He shouldn’t have to be remembered for this forever.

Those who say that he should be banished from the NBA are the people I can’t stand. They say had they brought a gun to work, they would be fired. They have to realize the history of the NBA…Kobe rapes a girl and not only comes back, but we let him on the Team USA basketball team. Ron Artest causes the brawl (tarnishing the NBA's rep WAY worst than this) and is back. Dozens of others beat their wives and it all is swept under the rug. All of that is just in the past five years. Gil doesn’t hurt anyone and you crucify him? Whether you like it or not, America's public loves giving people unworthy of second chances one after another. To say that Gilbert has done more than these people to deserve a second chance is an understatement.

I love Gilbert like a brother and to say what I'm about to say will hurt me more than anything I've ever said before. Even though I think Gilbert should return, I am starting to think his time with the Wizards might need to be over. As you know, our owner Abe Pollin just died and it is very important to honor his life. Pollin was the one who decided to change out name from the “Bullets” in the late 90’s because of gun violence in our area. Gilbert can’t be our leader now that he will forever be associated with this. I’m just glad I am not the one who has to make this decision because I don’t think I could do that. I am just too loyal I guess.

Over the next week or so, we are going to learn what David Stern is going to do long term about the incident. The indefinite suspension isn’t about the gun incident, it is about the conduct after it. However, if Stern’s statement about the suspension is any indicator, Arenas is in serious trouble.

As a fan of his, I can only hope he can rebound from this. He has spent his whole life fighting popular belief about how he wasn’t good enough, so let us hope he can prove us wrong again. If Gil somehow gets to reading this, I want him to know that I am serious when I say I would do anything for him, I just think tough love is right response right know. Regardless of what happens, I know he is a good man, and I will always have his back.

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