Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thoughts on Today's NFL Action

Jets at Bengals-

Teams are normally really good about rallying around the death of a player, but the Bengals have been just awful since the death of Chris Henry. They have lost three out of four, with the only win against a crappy Chiefs team. They are 22nd in the league in offense and their defense was comically bad against this very same team last week. Remember how impressed we were when Cincy beat the Ravens and the Steelers twice for the first time ever? Looking back at those wins now, are they really that good? No. Now we realize that both teams are quite mediocre. Combining those four wins with others games like two against Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, and Oakland (who they actually lost to), why are people impressed?

The only thing that the Bengals have going for them is the fact that they are facing a very shaky rookie quarterback in Mark Sanchez. I say that their defense will be stifling and cause several turnovers. That is the only reason they have a shot. Bottom line, neither of these teams has a chance to beat San Diego or Indianapolis next week

Prediction: Jets 17-9

Eagles at Cowboys-

I am very sad to say this, but the Cowboys are good. Tony Romo has proved that his bad Decembers are a thing of the past and that he is a star quarterback1 and he is leading his team to greatness at the right time. This is the best, and most confident, Dallas has been all year and I’m scared of them. The Cowboy defense is built on pressure, which makes DeMarcus Ware huge because he must get pressure on McNabb; however, it is the offense that is very important. I am expecting this game to be a shootout. Because of this, Miles Austin needs to bring his best game ever, and their tandem of Marion Barber and Julius Jones needs to dominate.

As for Philly, they have a small advantage in that they ate playing for revenge. One of the hardest things in sports is to thrash a good team, and then be forced to play them again the next game. Why? Because they get to spend all week fuming over what just happened and use it as motivation. The fact that the Eagles hate the Cowboys only adds to the fire. The Eagles are still a very good team, and now that they have found a way to use Michael Vick to help their redzone production, their offense is a little better. Combine that with DeSean Jackson2, who I’m pretty sure no one can stop, this team is going to be able to put up some points.

Prediction: Cowboys 37-34

1. Dammit

2. Seriously, the Eagles should have him run a wheel route or a double-move every time. No one is near as quick as him.

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