Thursday, November 19, 2009

What the Hell Wizards?

Last time I wrote about the Wizards, they were 2-1 and I was praising their start. How did they repay me? Run off six straight losses and make me look reall stupid.

In eery preseason ranking that I saw, the only reason the Wizards were ranked poorly in a few was the fact that people questioned Gilbert's health. No one thought that with a healthy Gil, the Wiz would be capable of being that bad.

During the six game skid, it was almost fascinating to watch every night to see them lose because they found different ways to do it. Whether it was Gil setting a franchise record of 12 turnovers in one game, not being about to make a shot in the last six and a half minutes, or just not putting any effort into playing at all. Not only that, but for some reason, we decided to test out our depth early with Mike Miller, Randy Foye, and Caron Butler missing time. Lets just say this, I have never been so happy to see Antawn Jamison on the floor when he came back last night.

Before last week, I never thought of Jamison as a verbal leader, but him taking up that role might just save the season. After the embarrasing performance we displayed in Indiana last week, Jamison apparently went off on everyone and the team's effort. It was apparently profanity laced and at one point, he flipped a table over he was so mad. I love that kind of fire, and I would have payed big money to be there for that speech.

With Jamison back, I am interested in what the team does and how they perform. The bottom line is that we always play well against Cleveland because we know them so well. I see last night's victory as a good sign, espeially the second half, but we are still 3-7, which is far from decent. Let's see what Flip can do with these guys.

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