Friday, December 11, 2009

Brian Kelly exposes another problem

BREAKING NEWS: BRIAN KELLY IS GOING TO COACH NOTRE DAME...oh wait, I knew that was going to happen 4 months ago. People shouldn't be shocked that he "abandoned" them, he had only been there three years! However, the signing does present one of the biggest flaws in the college football system, Kelly now is forced to abandon the team he coached all year, just weeks before the biggest game in the program's history.

The reason this happens is that recruiting is truly a 365 day a year job and with Weis (I'm not sure if that is the correct spelling, but I'm not going to check it because he is irrelevant now) being fired, Kelly has to start immediately to try and secure the recruits Weis got to commit. Otherwise, Notre Dame is at risk of losing an entire year of recruiting. The school isn't to blame for that, nor is the is the way that college football is set up

If you listened to any player on Cincinnati last night, just about every negative emotion was on display from angry, to sadness, to even straight up borderline homicidal. Can you blame them? Their leader just left them for greener pastures three weeks before they play Tim Tebow! What would Kelly have said if his quarterback would have said, "Hey Coach, I'm going to take off and play for Ohio State" the day before the game against Pittsburgh. He would have bludgeoned him to death with large objects.

I know he lied and said he wasn't going to leave, but welcome to the world guys. Have you ever seen a coach NOT lie about coaching rumors? No. they always say they are staying up until they are already signed. Nick Saban with LSU, Rick Rodriguez with West Virginia, and Urban Meyer in Utah...welcome to the club Brian Kelly.

What I see in this that no one is mention is that don't you think that he wants to coach in the Sugar Bowl? It's not like he didn't work hard the entire year just to be Notre Dame's coach; he wanted to win every game as much as his players.

This is a sad day for smaller programs because this is just one instance of a policy keeping them down. Unless it is their alma mater, coaches don't start at mid-level programs to build national champions, they do it so they can catch the attention of the schools that do.

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  1. So true man and he may likely find the grass isn't always greener on the other side and its happening more and more and its about the dollars at the end of the day..great entry man