Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MLB Offseason

While baseball's offseason doesn't get as much publicity as others because, well, it's baseball, several teams have been very active and I will help everyone get up to speed.

Seattle Mariners- I start with Seattle because they have bee the winners by far. Two years ago, this team lost more than 100 games and now might be my favorite to win the AL West. Not only do they add stars like Chone Figgins, Jack Wilson, and Milton Bradley, but they traded for Cliff Lee, giving them the best one-two punch with Lee and Felix Hernandez as starters. With great players like Ichiro, Russell Branyan, and a very under-rated Franklin Gutierrez, I like these guys a lot.

Boston Red Sox- Is it a surprise the are making moves. When the Sox or the Yanks do'nt win it all, they are always busy. Boston didn't resign Jason Bay, which hurts, but Mike Cameron isn't that much of a downgrade. Not only that, they signed the best pitcher on the market in John Lackey. The Sox now have three pitchers who have clinched the World Series title (Lackey, Josh Beckett, and John Lester), the first team to have that since the 30's.

I also really like the signing of Marco Scutaro even though no one is talking about it. He played well in a brutal AL East last year and is only 24.

New York- The Yankees got way better over the last couple of weeks up until this morning. Getting Curtis Granderson for what they gave up is just wrong. The guy is a beast and having him is scary for other teams in the field AND at the plate. However, I hate the trade for Vasquez because I think Melky Cabrera is going to be a superstar. I don't know if his contract expiring next year was an issue, but I give that kid whatever he wants if I am the Yankees GM

Philadelphia Phillies- The trade for Roy Halladay seems weird to the naked eye because Lee is at least as good as Halladay if not better, but this was a trade for the long term. Halladay had said that he would be willing to take a pay cut to play for a contender, while Lee wanted market value. By trading for Halladay, they sowed up an ace for four years instead of having one for a year and then lose him.

Baltimore Orioles- My guys won't make any list because nothing here is flashy, but I like some of McPhail's moves. Trading for Kevin Millwood was fantastic because it gives us a vet to lead a young pitching staff. I'll miss Chris Ray and I'm sure he'll get back to greatness, but it was time to turn the page with him. The O's also added one of the best relievers in LHP Mike Gonzalez to be closer for their bullpen and Garrett Atkins to be the third/first baseman until prospects Josh Bell and Brandon Snyder are ready. Next year will probably still be a dud, but I still love the revival I see going on in B-more.

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