Monday, December 28, 2009

Damnit...another successful year for the '72 Dolphins

Well, week 16 is officially in the books, and unfortunately it was the week we saw our last undefeated team fall. Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to get a good dose of the pricks from the ’72 Dolphins, who remain the only undefeated team in NFL history.

For the last couple of years, teams have gotten very close to the perfection that Miami achieved, and that has led to Mercury Morris spending significant time on ESPN. He is nothing but an ignorant ass, who uses the fact that he was lucky enough to be on a good team to promote himself and somehow remain relevant.

You know what, has he ever pointed out that free agency or a salary cap didn’t exist? How about revenues sharing? Nope. The fact that the ’07 Patriots or this year’s Colts got this far is way more impressive that a ’72 Dolphins who only had to play 14 games in the regular season and played in a significantly less athletic era.

Other than that, this column really has no point. I just wanted to make sure that you know that I think Mercury Morris should go f%@k off. I'm in the process of making a list of my favorite stories, players, and teams of the decade, so look out for that in the upcoming days.

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  1. Its ironic that the thing I remember most about Mercury Morris is not the undefeated season -- but how he pissed it all away with Cocaine.