Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get Off Tim Tebow's Back

After publicly laughing at Adam Morrison for the past few years because he had a temper tantrum on the court after he lost, I never thought I'd be defending an athlete who cried. However, Tebow is in a different category and if anything, I respect him more for it.

For starters, Morrison and Tebow aren't in the same league as far as strengh of heart. Morrison was rolling on the floor and slamming his hands on the court to the point that we were actually scared for a moment. Tebow tried to hold back his emotions as best he could, but when you are that emotional, it was bound to come out. He tried to keep his composure as best he could and he answered every question asked to him by reporters. Did Morrison? No.

Here is why I actually was fine with this, when anyone who knows me expected me to bash him. I love that kind passion in a quarterback. That is the same emotion that led him to give his now-famous speech after losing to Ole Miss last year. Everyone in the Florida locker room knows that he would die for them and he is the reason Florida was undefeated up until last week despite having an inferior team compared to last year.

Not only am I not criticizing him for this, I wish more people felt that way. He had run off another perfect season, just to lose right before getting a shot at a third title; if a quarterback wasn't at least a little emotional, we would be giving him grief for not caring. If he became notorious for this it would be one thing, but this was just a scenario where he saw what he worked hard for slip away. In addition to that, Tim Tebow isn't exactly used to losing. He was a god in high school, has two national championships, and before last week, the Gators hadn't lost since the one to Ole Miss.

Tim Tebow will go down as one of the top 10 college players to every take a snap and its not just because of his talent...it's because he has the best leadership skills I have ever seen. Whether I think he will be a good NFL quarterback is a different story (I don't for a myriad of reasons which you can ask if you want), but you can be certain that whatever position he plays, he will be the leader of that team every time he steps foot on the gridiron.


  1. and have i mentioned that he is my dream man?

  2. Mine, too. Oh, no wait. What?

  3. 1st two comments I have in months and they are about how "dreamy" Tim Tebow is...FML