Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nothin' but Nets...nevermind, they suck

Last week, the New Jersey Nets were given the ability to build a new Stadium in New York despite the fact that people and businesses already occupy that area. How did they get this approved? A judged ruled that the area was “blighted” that the Nets could take it over. To quote a Sports Center anchor, “they think the area is blighted…have they seen the Nets play this year?” Last night, the Nets did the seemingly impossible: they have found away to pass the Los Angeles Clippers’ record of being just god-awful. By losing to the Mavs last night, the Nets have started the season 0-18.

As far as worst records go, this is worst than the Detroit Lions winless season last year. If you think that’s too far because the Nets will presumably win a game eventually, there are factors you aren’t thinking of. In football, you have 22 starters that a have an impact and because of that, having one great player can’t win a game for you. The exact opposite is the case in basketball. Having one great player on a crappy team wont get you in the playoffs, but he can will the team close to a .500 record (Dwayne Wade last year). To get just a single win, u don’t even need that, just an ok player with a great game.

The Nets actually have a great player in all-star guard Devin Harris which is why this is very curious to me. In addition, they have young guys Brooks Lopez and Chris Douglas-Roberts. To lose this many in a row is inconceivable. I would normally try to figure it out, but I like watching them fail way too much to do anything.

This is normally where people are like, “Nick, you are so mean to wish that on a team. What if they were your team?” My answer is this, if you are going to be terrible, why not be the worst EVER? Devin Harris will be able to tell his grandkids one day that he was the best at losing games, not a single team could lose games so consistently.

When a team gets close to a record, I am rooting for them all the way, good or bad. Losing this consistently is truly an art for. For you to blow a game every time you step on the court without getting lucky once…that’s as impressive as Peyton Manning’s ability to orchestrate game winning drives in the final minutes of games.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a team that has a tradition of being an embarrassment. The teams that area in this category are as follows: (MLB) Kansas City Royals, Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Reds, (NBA) Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, (NFL) Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions, and Cincinnati Bengals. The Nets don’t come close to the list, yet, they are putting up a great campaign this year.

Do I hope they go 0-81? Not really (it would be hilarious though). In fact, I hope they win soon because, if they set a record that is unbeatable, the next time the Clippers go on another impressive losing streak, it will be in vein. That’s why the Nets setting the record was great. Setting the record is legendary; if they had got 0-16 and not even tied the record, then it would have just been sad.

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