Tuesday, October 27, 2009

God Must Hate The Clippers

For decades, the Los Angeles Clippers have been not just one of the worst franchises in basketball, but in all of sports. They have only had two winning seasons and three playoff appearances since they moved to LA in 1984. Now, as a team that might have contended for a playoff spot, they lose their star forward and number one draft pick in Blake Griffin.

In seven games this preseason, Griffin showed that he 'is who we thought he was' (Denny Green will always make me laugh); a freakish athlete who is one of the most ferocious rebounders you will see. Not only that, but he had a pretty good core around him with Rasual Butler, Baron Davis, and Marcus Camby. Instead of getting to see that exciting team, Clipper fans will have the pleasure of seeing their star sitting on the bench for the first six weeks because of a stress fracture in his knee cap.

First of all, if you have ever been to LA, the whole city is purple and gold and the Clippers could never change that. The Lakers will always be the kings of the city whether they are led by Magic Johnson, Kobe, or whoever their next superstar is. Think about this, since 1984, when the Clippers were moving in, the Lakers have made it to the finals 11 times, winning it seven. The Clippers could win the next five NBA titles and would still be seen as the team that plays in the Lakers arena when they aren't using it. In fact, if the Clippers were to go on that run, the LA Times would be focusing on why the Lakers haven't been to an NBA Finals in five years, and not the five NBA titles the other team just won.

I agree that sports fans are all about 'what have you done for me now,' but at some point, the tradition of some teams overrides that. Teams like the Celtics and the Yankees will always be the king in their city and if another team were to move into their city, they would be nothing more than the step-child no one loves. And yes, I am aware that New York has the Mets, but I am including them in the unloved children group.

The good news for the Clippers is that no one other than people in Los Angeles will even be able to see them, thus making it impossible to see what they will look like without Griffin. The bad new...everything else. They are looking at another sub-.500 year where no one in their city even cares because the Lakers are contenders for another O'Brian Trophy. Maybe Griffin can comeback around new years and at least give the team a little bit of flash while they don't make the playoffs.

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