Monday, October 5, 2009

Redskins: An Epic Fail of a Fantasy Football Team

Ladies and gentlemen, let me squalch any talks of the Redskins' win on Sunday being the turning point of the isn't. In fact, it only further proved the ineptitude of the sad excuse of a football team that dominates the front page of the sports section of the Post.

Believe it or not, this isn't even going to bash Jim Zorn or Jason Campbell (that much). It is going to focus on the shrewd businessman that continuously thinks that finding the loophole in the salary cap system leads to championships.
Last summer, ESPN ranked the best and worst owners of each of the four major sports and to my surprise, the Redskins' owner Dan Snyder wasn't on the list. Why? Because he's at least 'trying' to make the team successful. Remember when you were a little kid and the coach said that so long as you did your best, then you were doing great? that meant two things, 1) you sucked and 2) your team had no shot at being successful. There is no way that this attitude belongs in pro sports.

Every offseason, Dan Snyder 'tries' to make his team the best by making huge off season acquisitions that have a worst success rate than the Raiders first round draft picks. Lets look at the amazing list of players that didn't pan out: Deon Sanders, Bruce Smith, Brandon Lloyd, Jason Taylor, and Adam Archuleta ( I'm already counting Albert Haynesworth just because the Skins are so bad and I'm assuming he will get hurt in the time I write this blog).

After reading that laundry list of over the hump players and players that had one great season during their contract year, you really have to ask if Jim Zorn and Jason Campbell deserve all of the blame, or just a bit of it. The answer is that they just get to be to scapegoats of a failing organization.

I had a friend who spent a good bit of time with Redskins GM Vinny Cerato last year. After he talked with him, he immediately called me and said "I have never met a man who knew so little about football." You think that there is any way my friend says that about the GM o the Giants or Patriots? HELL NO! There in lies the problem, we have a front office that has yet to figure out how to make a 'team.'

As much as it pains me to say, Redskins' fans should have seen the signs of this season years ago. The steps we took always led to this team that has a few talented pieces in a system that can't utilize them and has no idea what kind of identity it has. For example, Clinton Portis can't run effectively because Campbell isn't great at the deep ball which also turns Santana Moss into an average receiver at best. See? There isn't a way the team was ever set up to score points. Instead, all the team can manage is check downs to Chris Cooley and small receivers like mMss who have never been good possession guys.

Here is the final analysis of the team: a fire-sale is needed-everything must go. Every coach, person in management, the owner, and pretty much every player. Even the good ones we have don't belong in our system and we really do need to start from scratch. Pretend we are an expansion franchise and draft a new set of players.

I know it seems harsh, but what on our team is really championship worthy? Portis- a runningback who can't stay healthy for an entire season, let alone a playoff run? Santana Moss-a deep threat with no other value? our secondary- which is undisciplined and can't catch a ball if their life depended on it? No, nothing is strong...and that's Dan Snyder's fault.

People in DC should be calling for his head with the same passion as Oriole fans call for Angelos'. Where are the torches, the pitchforks, and the crazed mob? The time for unconditional love is over and tough love is needed. People need to realize we are dangerously close to falling into a pit with the Lions and Raiders...and you can't come back from that.

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