Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Notes

There isn't one thing that I want to focus on, so I'll give you a buffet of sorts.

-It was absolutely wonderful to watch football today without it being ruined by the Redskins. I have come to see watching pro football as a chore recently because, well, watching the 'Skins play is just painful.

-I understand its hard to predict how bad teams are going to be, but this is the second time in three years that the NFL has sent a winless team (Miami in 2007) to London to play a powerhouse. Tampa Bay got to travel over the Atlantic Ocean to get thrashed by what appears to be a completely healthy Tom Brady.

-I bet it felt good for Cedric Benson to run all over the team that labeled him a bust and convinced everyone he was so bad, that he had to sign with the Bengals. Lookingback on that draft, he was better than both Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams.
-My god does Carolina suck. Buffalo could only muster 3 points against the Browns, but put up 20 big ones against the Panthers? Dude.

-It was announced today that Mark McGwire is going to be St. Louis' hitting coach next year for Tony La Russa. La Russa has been trying to convince the Big Mac to take this job for five years and I'm trying to figure out why. The guy is a career .263 hitter and had one of the most uppercut swings in baseball. Now, if he signed him to help the team acquire "herbal supplements," I'd understand that.

-Pedro Martinez came out publicly and said if the Yankees make it to the World Series, he wants game 2. I say I hate Pedro because my brother loves him, but he is one of the most clutch pitchers in the game and it would be stupid to give it to someone else. Hamels has been a bum, and Pedro has pitched gems in New York many times.

-When the Nationals fired Manny Acta I told everyone that it wasn't his fault and that he would find somewhere else to manage. Well, I was right because he was signed by the Indians today. It will be interesting to see how he does because even though Cleveland sucks, so does everyone else in the AL Central.

-The referee strike is over even though no one cared to begin with. I'm pretty sure the only thing they won in the strike was that the NBA now has to pay for their whistles. Honestly, what made them think they had any leverage?

-Antawn Jamison will be out for the first 3-5 weeks of the season. Why does everyone get injured as soon as they come to DC. Did you know that Jamison had played in almost 350 consecutive games in a row before coming here? Andray Blatche better be ready to step up because I'm expecting us to get off to a good start.

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