Friday, October 23, 2009

The No Class Organization of the Redskins

At around 9 o'clock this morning, ESPN broke a shocking story that the Redskins are going to keep Jim Zorn as its head coach for the remainder of the season. This news was not only shocking to me as a fan who believes Zorn doesn't have what it takes to be a head coach, but as someone who just feels bad for the guy.

Zorn was initially hired to be our offensive coordinator and to call the plays; we finally gave him the job of head scapegoat (because that is the primary job of a head coach in D.C. these days) only when all other coaches laughed at us. He was an offensive mind from the very beginning and the Redskins knew that was what he brought to the table. Yet, here we are at 2-4 and we are stripping play calling-Zorns only real asset-away from him? What does he have to offer at this point?

It wasn't until a friend of Zorn, Steve Largent spoke up that I realized why Snyder took play calling from Zorn; he wanted Zorn to resign and thus void his contract. It had nothing to do with trying to jump start the was a ploy to save money. If it had anything to do with winning, he wouldn't have gotten Zorns replacement from a retirement home.

This is where I really wish I was kidding.

The Redskins "offensive consultant" Sherman Lewis was actually working in a retirement home as the person in charge of choosing ping pong balls for bingo. Yea, he was once a successful offensive "genius," but so was Steve Spurrier right? Seriously though, unless our plays are called "B 36" or "A 19," he isn't going to have any idea what play he's calling.

The bottom line is that I respect Zorn more that ever because he is still here. Not only has the whole city turned on him, but Snyder just destroyed every bit of self esteem he had, yet he still is willing to stick it out. The thing that I think is important here is that the reason he is staying is not because of money, its because he doesn't want to abandon his players in a horrible time like this. He is basically nailing himself to the cross so players like Campbell or the young guys that were thrust into a makeshift offensive-line don't have to deal with constant criticism. Zorn knows a young player can't function , let alone get better, when he is made out to be worthless.

I know I always say that organizations like the New York Giants or the Boston Red Sox would never do this because they have more class, but this is worst than not having class; it's a matter of not having respect for other people. In the last week, I have learned that not only is Dan Snyder a horrible owner, but he's just a horrible human being who will always think of money first. I honestly don't know how he sleeps.

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  1. As much as I feel a sense of gratitude toward Snyder for his kindnesses to us following your accident, this piece is SPOT ON. Jim Zorn is a good man - a fine human being - that is being thrown under the bus in super slow motion so that we can hear every bone crack. I will just keep praying for Coach to have grace and maybe for Snyder to learn that there is more to having a team than just making $. Loyalty from his troops and his constituency will elude him forever as long as he maintains his "Snyder-Centric" ways. Good article.