Monday, October 12, 2009

MLB Divisional Series Awards

I know that the Phillies-Rockies series isn't technically over, but it doesn't matter. The Phillies are going to win. That being said, lets give out some awards for the series becuase the MLB doesn't

The Comeback Player Award- Alex Rodriguez
As if this isn't obvious. A-Rod came into the series going 0-18 with runners in scoring position. After starting the series by striking out and a fly ball, I assumed that things would never change. However, after that, he returned to the all-star he is, finishing the series with 2 HRs and 6 RBIS.

The Mr. Irrelevant Award- Minnesota Twins
I know I said that the game against the Tigers was going to be their "World Series," but I wasn't expecting them to get swept. I know that two of the games went down to the wire, but they were just dominated by the Yankees' pitching. Not to mention the fact that their all-star closer was the one that blew things for them.

The Monkey Off Their Back Award- Los Angeles Angels
Seeing that the Angels' mascot is a little spider monkey holding up a "rally time" sign, this works on two levels. The Angels and Red Sox have met in the divisional series in '04, '07, and '08 and despite the fact that the Angels looked as good, if not better, than the Red Sox on paper, the Angels could only muster one measly win in those three years. This year, the Angels were finally able to prove that they were better by sweeping the team that has ended their season so many times.

The I have No Faith in You Award- Colorado Rockies
I started this article when game 4 was in the 5th inning, have I made my point? Their story is cute, but no one gave them any chance. For God's sake, I know everything about baseball and I can name like three of their players. (update: The phuckin' Phillies gave up three runs in the 8th and are probably gonna be forced into a game five. People from Phili piss me off.

The Thanks for Making Me Look Stupid Award- St. Louis Cardinals
I thought you would contend for the World Series and told everyone that. Instead, your superstar pitchers were worthless and the 1-2 punch of Holliday and Pujols did nothing except blow a play in the outfield to lose game 2...thanks for making me look like a jackass.

The Biggest Douche Award- Mark Texiera
This guy could save my life twice and I would still spit in his face. How do you grow up in Baltimore, idolize Cal Ripken, and go to Camden Yards, but follow it up by going to the Yankees for a few more bucks? Hey Mark, I hear the Devil is willing to pay you 35 dollars to be apart of his softball team, you wanna play for them in the offseason? Go to Hell

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