Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wizards Game Last Night

The Wizards game was absolutely insane. With the game tied, Nick Young fouled Willie Green with one second left, giving Green two free throws. Now, that would normally be the end of things, had Green not missed one of his free throws and fouled Mike James at the buzzer. James made two of his three shots from the charity stripe and the game was over, sending a ton of ticked-off 76er fans home

The win isn't the thing I want to focus on because it is, after all, the preseason. What was telling for me though, is how we won. Despite not having Gilbert, and Mike Miller due to the flu, and Jamison because of his knee, the Wizards were still able to beat a quality opponent. They won with depth (six guys in double figures) and defense; two things the Wizards have never been known for.

I see this as a sign of great things to come. All of this preseason, we have been told how the depth of the team was a strength and it could possibly withstand a few injuries. However, against Atlanta, I saw a team that was just in over its head with out the same three players it was missing last night. After watching this game, I am starting to think that maybe the Hawks' game was just a dud, and not proof that we can't be competitive without Gil.

I know its just the preseason, but bare with me. Basketball is my favorite sport and I haven't watched much of it besides the playoffs because watching my team was borderline cruel and unusual punishment. Remember, a teams record in the preseason is indeed irrelevant, but how it plays isn't; and I'm excited with what I see.

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