Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let My Unhealthy Obsession With Gilbert Arenas Resume

Consider this my first post of MANY on Gil...

For two years now, I've had to defend my boy Gil from all of the narrow-minded retards who turned on the Wizards firs legit star since Chris Webber. Why? Because he got hurt after signing a contract he deserves every penny of.

That is absolutely idiotic; anyone that knows anything about him knows how hard he works and how he killed himself to come back. In fact, that determination to return and help his team was the reason he re-injured himself. Questioning his competitiveness is like questioning Peyton Manning's ability to throw a football.

For people who aren't aware (which is pretty much everyone), the NBA preseason has started and that includes my beloved Wizards. I honestly believe that we will be back in the playoffs this year, but I'll wait for my NBA Preview to elaborate on that; however, all of these prediction rely on Gil being, well, Gil.

That being said, he's baaaaaaaaack!

In his last three games, Gil is averaging 16.7 ppg and 7 assists in just 23 minutes a game. If you adjust those numbers to the 40 mpg he will be playing in the regular season, thats 28 points and 12 assists. I'm not saying I'm expecting those numbers, but 25 and 7 aren't unreasonable.

I have to admit, I will miss Gil's antics. He has already said he won't resume his blog and last night, he talked to the media for the first time since media day. That being said, I can respect the fact that he wants to be taken seriously and stay focused on basketball.

Out of all of everything that comes with the return of Agent Zero, I'm most looking forward to him resuming his god-given-talent of hitting game-winning shots. I know that people love to forget things that happened before last week, but I'll never forget what it felt like to see him win a game at the buzzer and hear Steve Buckhantz scream "DAGGER" as loud as he can. When that starts happening again, I will laugh at all of the haters.

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  1. Welcome back to the real Gil and the real Caff. I have missed Caff's Corner. Gil and Nick for Great Falls: Represent!